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With the growing importance of climate change for humanity, emissions from motor vehicles are increasingly becoming the focus of our society. We have to ask ourselves questions about the efficiency of pollutant reductions. Millions of commercial vehicles are therefore no longer around the use of a emission-reducing exhaust system today. Hansamobil supports this path and is doing pioneering work, especially in the area of diesel particulate filters.

Diesel particulate filter.

Since their legal requirement no user of a diesel vehicle comes around the use of a diesel particulate filter around. In a manageable market, Hansamobil offers an exchange of diesel particulate filters for both commercial vehicles and vans as well as for passenger cars. The exchange is the effective, yet much cheaper alternative to the expensive new purchase of a particulate filter. The replacement DPF is a component that is integrated into the exhaust system of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine to filter out soot particles.

The cleaning of the soot particle filters is based on a patented cleaning process specially developed by our exclusive production partner for the automotive industry. We guarantee a cleaning result of> = 98% and save about three quarters of the costs compared to buying a new filter. A cleaned exchange filter returns your vehicle to the normal range of its performance and consumption. This protects the environment and your purse.

The best technological procedure for cleaning a clogged diesel particulate filter is to burn the diesel particulate filter in an industrial firing furnace in a computer-controlled manner. The challenge with burnout is that some areas of the diesel particulate filter are usually so clogged that even after a 24-hour burning process, these areas are insufficiently oxygenated and incomplete burn-off. With our patented O2 industrial free-burning method, oxygen is introduced into the particle filter during the burn-off process according to the patent. The effectiveness of a patented burn-off process enables a very gentle and perfect burn-out result for the ceramic filter body of the diesel particulate filter. After the free-burning process, the diesel particulate filters are additionally rinsed out with a wash-out process developed by us and patent pending.