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Few seconds are often crucial in everyday road traffic. In addition to an attentive driver, in particular the functionality of brakes is the basis for a safe journey. In the event of damage or impairment of the functionality, it is important to resort to replacement parts as quickly as possible. Hansamobil offers you high quality products, available directly to the application.


Brake discs form the wheel-side part of disc brakes. Over your service life, the braking surface of a brake disc is subject to constant wear. During each braking process, the brake pads of a vehicle press on the brake disc. There are strong mechanical and thermal loads. Depending on capacity and age, it will be necessary to replace the brake disc. Brake Discs from Hansamobil …


The brake caliper (also called brake application unit o. Brake caliper) encloses a brake disc and holds in the brake pads of a vehicle and brake piston to. When the brake is applied, the brake pads are pressed against the disc surface by the pistons – the vehicle brakes. External influences such as misalignment of the caliper or inoperative seals may increase the wear of a caliper and require replacement. Decisive for the correct use of a new caliper is the right model. Hansamobil offers replacement parts from numerous manufacturers, including DAF, IVECO, Mercedes, Scania, and MAN.


During a braking operation, the brake pads by friction on the brake disc allow the successful re-reduction of the speed of a vehicle. As support components of brake pads brake pads function. Depending on the load and the associated wear, the brake pad is reduced. The replacement with a spare part becomes indispensable. Hansamobil offers you …